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Sopharma Tabex has helped millions of people worldwide to quit smoking

As early as 1865, the academician А. Orehov, discovered and analyzed alkaloid cytisine, the active ingredient in Sopharma Tabex. Cytisine belongs to the group of nicotine blockers known in clinical practice as respiratory stimulants. The pharmacological study of cytisine in the Department of Pharmacology of the Sofia Medical Institute started as early as the 1950s in which two famous Bulgarian pharmacologists, Prof. Paskov and Dr. Dobrev, came to the conclusion that cytisine can be used as a smoking cessation remedy because of its lower toxicity than nicotine and especially because of its weaker peripheral effect on the cardiovascular system, because it acts like nicotine on the same receptors in the human brain.

The intriguing thing is that more than half a century ago two heavy smokers-pharmacologists came up with the brilliant idea how to give the cigarette dependent individuals the chance to easily go through the withdrawal syndrome (a state of bad mood, anxiety, headache, etc.), accompanying the smoking cessation period and feel stimulated at the same time, as cytisine also has an antidepressant effect.

In 1962 the Bulgarian professor Isaev isolated cytisine from the laburnum plant and started intensive research into the creation of the original Tabex. Large clinical studies followed in Bulgaria, Germany and Poland confirming the efficacy and especially the need for positive attitudes in smoking cessation attempts.

It is well known that depressed moods and withdrawal syndrome are mental illnesses, associated with any dependence, which are the most difficult to overcome. The extensive clinical research in different countries confirmed this advantage of Sopharma Tabex.

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